Landowner Issues

Landowner Legal Issues

At SMITH ∙ ROSE ∙ FINLEY, we are uniquely qualified to represent landowners because we are landowners ourselves. Many of us have grown up working on ranches as well; our attorneys have personal ranching ties to several of the 15 counties in the Concho Valley area.

We are intimately familiar with the legal issues that all landowners face at one time or another, including:

  • Real Estate Issues
  • Land-Use Agreements
  • Zoning
  • Title Work
  • Environmental Issues
  • Oil and Gas Issues
  • Estate-Planning and Taxes
  • Probate and Trusts
  • Complex Contracts
  • Business Law
  • Water Law / Riparian Rights
  • Hunting Leases

We handle landowner legal issues every day, both for our clients and for our own families. Few attorneys have such a personal connection to the issues that affect their clients. Because of our involvement on a personal level, we handle our clients' issues as we would handle them for our own families. Our clients know this, and they trust us unconditionally to represent their best interests, every time.

Our law firm's extensive experience in practice areas that are most commonly involved in protecting the rights of landowners makes our advice and representation in this area efficient and extremely well informed. Some of our major practice focuses involve Real Estate Law, Agricultural Law, Water Law and Oil and Gas Law. We have a long history in these practice areas, and we have special expertise in handling legal issues related to landowner legal concerns.

Please call us at (325) 600-4319 and speak with Allen Price or James Skinner if you need help with any landowner legal issues, or submit your case online.

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